Hooks and Hook Replacements

We offer various kinds and sizes of release gear, all approved as per latest IMO regulations.

Overview Release Gear

  • Hatecke Duplex release gear for conventional lifeboats, either newbuild projects or for hook replacements. SWL available from 2,8 to over 20 tons. The release gear set comes in a ready to assemble package including central release handle, release cables, fall preventer pins, stickers, manual and of course certificate. Duplex hooks are almost maintenane free and without requirement to exchange any expensive parts on a yearly basis!
  • Hatecke Rescue Boat off-load release gear type Simplex 2.0, which is probably the most durable rescue boat release gear on the market, made entirely of brass and steel parts, this hook has a lifetime of 10 years and an SWL of 2 tons.
  • Hatecke Liferaft hook type Rafti 2.5 is our bestseller for all common cargo vessel liferaft applications and of course also fulfilling latest IMO requirements.
  • Rescue boat hook and liferaft hook can easily be installed on a combined crane using a triangle plate.

Release Hook replacements

To improve the safety of lifeboat release and retrieval systems (LRRS), the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee approved in its 89th session in May 2011 new requirements for conventional lifeboat release and retrieval systems for all existing and new-build vessels under SOLAS regulation III/1.5.

The regulation required for all existing ships and new buildings with keel laying date before July 1st, 2014, the lifeboat release system needs to be design reviewed and performance tested until July 1st, 2013 by the manufacturer of the hooks. During the testing procedure, it is clarified whether the release system is in compliance with new LSA code as amended by MSC.1/1392 or needs modification or replacement. If an existing hook has not been tested, the hook is considered as non-compliant. The actual status of all hooks been tested can be seen under http://gisis.imo.org after a free registration.

As a result, all lifeboats with release systems that are not in this IMO database or being found as non-compliant shall be replaced or modified no later than the next scheduled dry-docking after July 1, 2014 but no later than July 1, 2019.

Even if this deadline July 1st, 2019, has passed, we still note there are many vessels sailing which are not yet compliant!

All Hatecke hooks of size 2.6, 4.3 and 9 tons have successfully passed the design review and performance test. All hooks with production date prior 2010 need to be upgraded with safety pins and new labeling. All hooks which have reached their lifetime of 25 years need to be replaced. Hooks produced after 2010 need an update of their labeling.

In cases of harmonizing your fleet and thus enhancing the safety of the crews, you can also replace on other brand boats the installed hooks against new and compliant HATECKE hooks, were we offer replacement packages. Afterwards, the lifeboat release and retrieval system is considered as HATECKE and thus we would be able to perform the annual and five-yearly services according to MSC.1/1206 rev1. or MSC.402(96).

We have currently hooks with various SWL between 2.8 and more than 20.0 tons approved as per newest regulations for an exchange.

For further information and quotations, please contact our service department service@hatecke.de