Wilhelm Hatecke, master boat-builder, founded a shipyard in Dornbusch on the banks of the river Elbe. In the early days work focussed on repairing and building wooden boats.

Ernst Hatecke, naval architect, took the helm, assuming responsibility for what was by now a constantly expanding business, mainly producing lifeboats and commercial boats.

Management was passed on to Helmut Hatecke, naval architect, and the company entered a new era with the introduction of glass fibre reinforced plastic.

The company built new production facilities at Krautsand on the river Elbe to meet market demand for boats made of plastic materials. 

The company developed the first freefall lifeboat recognised by the German See-Berufsgenossenschaft. By the mid-eighties the Hatecke brothers Jan and Peter joined the business, assuming responsibility for the company in its fourth generation. They set about extending production with glass fibre reinforced plastics facilities and a steel construction division. The company was now geared to the serial production of lifeboats and davit systems. Under their management, the company grew to become the world’s leading manufacturer of freefall lifeboats.

The Company entered into the cruise market and established Hatecke Service GmbH for all aftersales activities.

Ernst Hatecke GmbH was renamed to Hatecke GmbH. Hatecke GmbH is the sole owner of all proprietary rights of former Ernst Hatecke GmbH.

Hatecke’s very modern and characteristic PL 14 tender boat was succesfully prototype tested and delivered to the first customer.

New service stations Hatecke Service USA LLC in Miami/USA and Hatecke Service Singapore Pte.Ltd. in Singapore were established to cover the increasing demand in the aftersales markt.

Hatecke Service GmbH restructured their Offshore LSA, FFE and PPE activities through the foundation of Marescape GmbH. Marescape is a turnkey provider for all safety services on- and offshore.

The PEL 14 was succesfully prototype tested: A three time world record holder with biggest overall lifeboat capacity worldwide (>450 persons), shortest embarkation time for lifeboats >150persons and unbeaten efficiency regarding required onboard space per persons when installed.

Successful installation of the first hydraulic Hatecke davit for a 150 person combined life-/rescueboat type PEL 150(R) on a German built RoRo-/Passenger vessel.

Today’s success of Hatecke Group is mainly based on right ownership decisions regarding market developments in the past, paired with very modern production facilities, experienced and reliable long term employees and an always innovative production program. All together has enabled Hatecke to achieve its current position as market leader in new installations of lifeboats onboard cruise vessels, a high qualitative and flexible production of lifeboats and davits for the cargo segment and a strong footprint in the aftersales market through quick and customer focussed service.